Who is Maya Leland?

I’m a woman of a certain age (euphemism for “older than you think”) who inherited her ancestry from Chinese Hakka parents. When they migrated from Hong Kong to Jamaica, West Indies where she was born, they also gave her the cultural roots of reggae (calypso, when I was young), hot Caribbean cuisine, and some unforgettable experiences growing up in Jamaica.а

Today, I live in another island paradise – Hawaii. And before you indulge in the usual stereotypes, let me quickly assure you that paradise has bugs and nasty creepy crawlies (literal and otherwise) just like any other place. Just wanted to get that straight so you can save yourself the envious sighs. That being said, it’s a pretty darned great place to live.

These experiences helped to inform the person I am today, and especially who I am as a writer.а

Yes, I write for a living. I also write for my own pleasure. The “living” part is marketing communication for clients.а The “pleasure” part is whatever moves me at any given moment. It’s where I get my biggest charge. And it’s why I write a blog, which is the main reason for this website. Thanks for stopping by.а

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