Oh, that face

Last time, I wrote a blog that was so depressing, I decided to archive it in my growing scrap pile of misery and try again.а I was wallowing in the sad state of affairs in our world to the point of making myself wretched. Whatever for, you sad, deluded creature?а What about the idea that your thoughts create your reality (miserable thoughts: miserable reality; happy thoughts: happy reality)?а What happened to your hours of meditation, trying to quiet your mind and find those little moments of stillness and peace, and even a little bliss?а As anyone who meditates knows, it’s a long, hard road taking years of practice. In the meantime, happy thoughts: happy reality. I’m ready to give it a try.

Actually, this is pretty much a no-brainer. My happiness quotient went off the charts with the appearance of one little person in my life – my grandson, Blake. You all know this already, as I have waxed sentimental almost to the point of being cloyingly saccharine. I promised myself I would lay off. But hey, I can’t help it.

In his short four months of life, I have taken hundreds of photos of him with my iPad mini, to the point where I’ve consumed a good part of its 13.4 GBs.а I plan to upgrade. I’ve since found that a quick fix to a shitty day is to look at his cute little face on my computer desktop.а I give him a quick little nose rub with my mouse’s cursor, and breathe an involuntary “Ahhhh!”а Sappy, yeah? Works for me.

Image 8

This led to an idea. I’ve been posting little Facebook vignettes of Blake’s photos (using both mine and his folks’) with imagined dialogа -- you know, “out of the mouths of babes.” People seemed to find them amusing. So, here’s what I’m going to do.а I’m reprising some of those posts here for you. Which also means, I’m off the blog hook.

So, did that work?а It worked for me.


When life seems to suck

Find a happy little guy

To brighten your day.

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